Troisi XCOM


Troisi XCOM 636 Dynamic Processer


XCOM uses a new and unique topology for voltage controlled amplification not found in other dynamic processors. XCOM changes its VCA core bias as the nature of the audio and control signals change. During high level signals the VCA is biased class A to provide minimum distortion while at lower signal levels AB bias is employed maintaining a consistently low noise floor.

Because XCOM packs expansion and compression circuitry into the same module, applications needing both functions not only benefit from our unique biasing scheme but also benefit by having only one gain cell in the signal path. Add to this fully balanced input and outputs and the results are one of the cleanest signal chains available today.

Modes: Compression, Limiting, Expansion, Gating, Duck, Master/Slave and Track

Threshold Range: +20dBV to -40dBV

Compression/Track Response Time: 100us to 50 ms attack time, 50ms to 5 sec release time.

Compression Ratio: 1.3:1 to ∞:1, continuously variable.

Expansion/Limit Response Time: 100us, 1ms, 10ms Attack Time; 50ms to 5s release time.

Expansion Ratio: 1:1.5, 1:2, 1:10

Limit ratio 2:1 , ∞:1