Troisi DQ

Troisi DQ


Troisi - DQ520 Dynamic Equaliser

This complex processing tool brings new opportunities to spectral shaping never before realized in a single processing module. Useful for loudness contouring, dynamic feedback suppression, single- ended noise reduction, vocal stressing, and breath pop and sibilance control.

The module combines two parametric filters with dynamic control circuits to allow frequency and level controlled equalization. The full array of controls provides accurate adjustment over center frequency, bandwidth, threshold and direction, range/ ratio and response time.

Frequency Range: 31Hz to 2kHz Low band, 500Hz to 16kHz High band.

Bandwidth: 1/3 to 3.3 - octaves peaking, variably damped 12dB per octave shelf.

Gain Range: Infinite cut (>40db) to + 15dB with center detent 0.

Threshold Range: + 20dB to -40dB